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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our web page. You can find here hundreds of postcards and photographs of synagogues and other pictures showing the life in Jewish communities between the years 1885 and 1930. Hundreds more will follow. Please be so kind and do not copy any of the pictures. In case you are interested in any of the displayed pictures we will be more that happy to assists you and arrange this for you.

You will note that the pictures are accompanied with some basic information. We thank you in advance for any supplement information and data.

Please bear in mind that the web page is still in the process of being prepared and developed so any comments and tips for improvement are welcome. We will be more than happy to receive from you any pictures of unpublished postcards of synagogues. Of course, we will gladly inform the public of the source of the picture provided. However, please do not send us pictures for publication of which you are not authorized.

We are interested in obtaining new postcards and photographs of synagogues for our collection. Our web page should convince you that these pictures will be well placed.

Have fun and enjoy reading our web page.

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