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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our website of “Old Jewish Postcards of Europe” For new pictures look at “News”.
July 10, 2021.

This site has hundreds of postcards and photographs of Jewish interest, including synagogues and life in Jewish communities, mostly between the years 1883 – 1933.  Hundreds more will follow. We intend to add more images as we acquire them.  We invite you to look at them, but please DO NOT COPY any of the pictures.  In any case, these are in low-resolution. If you are interested in using any of these, please contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

The images are labeled with some basic information. If you can contribute more to the description or any other information and data, we (and other visitors) would be most appreciative. For comments please use the “taggle social sidebar”. This website is a revision of the original created in 2007 and will be in a process of upgrade and development, so your comments and tips for improvement are welcome.

Additionally, from your end, if you have any postcards, photographs, or documents you are willing to share and to this site, I would be most interested in obtaining these to add to this collection. A section entitled “Help Me” are for items that I cannot identify – but maybe you can. This website should ensure you that these pictures will be handled well.

Have fun and enjoy reading our web page.  

Frantisek Banyai, 2007, or

Click on the links on the left side to see what we have.  Some links have sub-headings, such as “synagogues,” “ghettos, street scenes,” “cemeteries,” etc.  This should aid you in paging through.  Alternatively, you can enter text in the Search field.